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sheep5/4/2006 4:39:09 pm
The two firemen reach the door that blocks the way to the doctor. The prisoners and the boy are so busy trying to make the hole big enough for them to fit through that they don't even notice them. It's not until their shadows cast upon the door from the firefighter's light that they turn around to see who's there. At first they are startled to see these men with one armed with an axe but relieved once they relize that they are not here to cause harm. "We need your help" The boy calls out. The firemen respond by telling them to follow them back to the basement so they can get out of this dangerous situation they're in. "No, No" We can't go now. We almost have the hole big enough to fit through" say's one of the prisoners. "We're here to get you out safely. You must follow us out" The firefighter demands. "Look, we've gone this far to capture the man responsible for all of our suffering. Either help us out or you will regret your decision" the other prisoner says. The fireman radios back to the sergeant and informs him that they've located the remaining prisoners and the boy but they refuse to leave. He describes to the sergeant the door in the cave and the reason for their refusal. The sergeant radios back to firemen that they are to return back to the surface with the prisoners and the boy immediatly. The firemen repeat their demands to the prisoners and the boy that they are under orders to remove them from the cave now. What are you going to do? Are you going to let the doctor get away? With their help you could bust through this door in no time but they don't seem to want to help. The longer you wait the further away you are from capturing the doctor. Do you give up? I didn't think you would. Now what?
kix5/14/2006 12:10:40 pm
borrow an axe!
dont let this fucker go away
ad5/14/2006 2:15:17 pm
tell them your little sister is trapped behind the door to get them to bust dat ish down!
sheep5/17/2006 4:08:29 pm
After trying to give them a line of bull about your sister being on the other side of the door, you plead with the firemen that if they let you use their axe, you and one of the prisoners will follow them back to the surface. "Look we'd like to help you out but we must obey the sergeant and bring all of you back up to the surface" the firemen reply. Looks like you need to go with them or think of another way to handle the situation. It seems like the time is over for you to be nice to the firemen if you want to catch the doctor. Or maybe you could trick them into thinking you are ready to follow them, then take control of the axe somehow. Looks like you have more thinking to do. One thing is for sure. Their not going to help you catch the doctor on their own free will. What is your plan now?
time time5/27/2006 3:20:42 pm
would our ether stash be any match against those fancy looking o2 supply masks? 'praps we could tell them we'll follow and lift up their helmets from behind with ether vials at the ready to pour inside? i dunno...
tete5/28/2006 3:11:18 pm
if there are enough of us..bum rush them...don't kill them just subdue them and ether them into a nice dreamy sleep
sheep5/28/2006 4:09:59 pm
Great idea! You tell them that you will follow them out since they won't help you anyway. They radio back upstairs that they're on their back up with the boy and the prisoners in tow. As they turn to walk back out, you hand each prisoner an ether tube and notion for them to yank their mask up from behind and pour the ether inside their helmets. The prisoners remove the cloth plugs from the tubes and hold their thumbs over the openings. You then give the signal for them to go for it and they lift the firemen's masks and pour the ether inside then they slam the masks closed. One of them tries to use his radio to call for help but the ether hits them fast and they both stumble to the ground. You grab their axe and flashlight and go back to the door. It only takes a dozen swings of the axe before you have a hole big enough for all of you to fit through. Will you be able to catch up to the doctor? Let's see what's ahead.
unknown6/26/2006 1:56:13 pm
oooook! is this resuming someday?
tete7/21/2006 12:02:32 pm
i don't believe it is