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You retrieve the ladder from the hole that leads down into the cave and place it inside the elevator shaft. You tell the prisoner to get ready to follow you as soon as you climb out into the garage. Just as you make it to the top of the ladder and are about to climb out, the doctor starts to walk to the cars door and sees you. Without hesitation, he starts running twords the back left hand corner of the garage. You reach out with the crowbar and hook his left foot causing him to fall to the ground. You yell down to the prisoner that he's spotted you and is trying to get away. As you finish climbing out of the elevator, he gets back on his feet and scrambles to a door that you could'nt see before. You are now just several feet behind him as he pushes the door open to make his last ditch effort to get away. He throws the door closed just as you are in the doorway and it strikes you square in the face. For a brief moment you see stars as you reach up to your face with your hands. You feel something wet on your fingers and soon relize that your nose is bleeding. It startles you when the prisoner touches your back and asks you if you're alright. "The bastard hit me with the door", you yell out. The prisoner quickly pushes you to the side, opens the door and takes a few steps outside. He looks around and sees no sign of the doctor but, he couldn't have gone too far. You meet him outside and begin your search. (new drawing to follow to aid you in your search)