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- by sheep - 2/5/2007 - 3:48:57 pm
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sheep2/5/2007 3:50:37 pm
There's not much in there. Move on to the daytona now?
yanbu2/5/2007 7:15:29 pm
yes, but can one of us check the boxes and barrels just in case while the other goes over there?
ethermonkey2/6/2007 4:35:13 pm
yes to box check, 'n 'praps we should look into the cab, too.
any ether or boomboom left, btw?
sheep2/7/2007 2:23:26 pm
You check to see if you have anymore either or exploding bombs before you decide to investigate further but, you used the last ones up on the firemen. You tell the prisoner to go over to the daytona and check that out while you look inside the back of the truck. As he heads over to the daytona, you climb up into the back of the truck. Let's see what's in the boxes and behind those two drums.