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Meanwhile back in the tunnel........The two firemen awaken from their sleep to the sound of the radio chatter. "Sarge! Come in Sarge!" The fireman calls out over the radio. "What's going on down there? We lost contact with the two of you" he replies back. "We got knocked out with some type of liquid they poured into our helmets. We think that they continued past the door in the tunnel we're in" They explained back. "The fire has been put down. Can you make it back to the basement?" The sargent asked. "Yes, we're fine. Just a little light headed. We need to find those other people that were down here before we head back out." They radio back. The sargent begins to berate them about not being mindful of their own safty when the radio begins to cut out. It's then that they get the idea to shut off the radio and continue down the tunnel and explain themselves later. They go through the broken door and travel to the end of the tunnel where they find the wounded prisoner. The one fireman croutches down near the prisoner to check and see if he's alright. He starts to mumble about stopping the doctor and is clearly incoherent. They try and ask where the other people went but it's no use. They notice that his shoulder appears to be either dislocated or broken and figure they'll need a streacher to get him out. Shining the light upwards, they see the open hole but have no means to climb out. The one fireman lifts his helmet off and yells up into the hole and waits for a reply but gets nothing back. They've done as much as they could at this point, so they turn the radio back on and try and make contact with the surface. The angered response they get from the sargent is expected but they explain to him that they need a streacher brought down into the tunnel since they've found a wounded survivor. They also try and relate the direction that the tunnel is going so the police can search for the location of the exit hole. The sargent demands that they don't move from their position and that help has already been sent. The sargent then relays the information the firemen gave him about the tunnels exit to the police chief on the scene. The chief rounds up several officers and gives them instructions to begin a search of the surrounding area for anything or anyone who looks out of place in an area south of the hospital. He also tells them to keep a lookout for any holes in the ground that would be big enough for a person to fit through. The officers split up and begin a search of the area but, are they going in the right direction? We'll have to wait and see.