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sheep2/12/2007 12:49:21 pm
Once you step outside, you run to the back of the garage and meet the prisoner at the fence where the doctor is hanging by his foot. He starts to plead with you to let him go and that he can pay you lots of money if you do so. This makes the prisoner angry so he starts to kick the doctor through the fence while yelling at him to shut up. "Stop, he's not going anywhere" You say to the prisoner. It's then that you hear a car rolling up behind you in the alleyway. You turn to see a Trenton police car with two patrolmen inside. They stop the car and get out with their guns drawn and tell you to freeze. At last, you say to yourself. This whole ordeal is over! But is it? "Help me! These two men are trying to kill me" The doctor screams out. The policemen call for backup and tell the both of you to get down on the ground with your hands above your head. " The guy hanging from the fence is the one you should be arresting. We are trying to stop him. He's the evil doctor from the hospital " you try to explain. "You'll have plenty of time to explain yourself when we take you all to the station" the one officer says. With that, they place handcuffs on you as another patrol car pulls up. One of the first officers on the scene instructs the others to go around the front of the building and find a way to get inside the fence. Within a minute, they are inside cuffing the prisoner and helping the doctor free himself. Soon, several more patrol cars pull up and assist the other officers. With the three of you now in custody, they load you in their cars and proceed to the station. How will you be able to convince the police that you are a hero? You're going to need some evidence to prove that you are. What are you going to say to prove it? Now it's up to you to spell it all out. Start singing. ( Try and hold back from giving all the proof in one reply so everyone can get their shot at it)
ethermonkey2/12/2007 8:11:07 pm
well, first of all we should mention the firemen and the hoard of bearded men of similar height and similar stories out front...
ethermonkey2/13/2007 6:18:09 pm
...and it seems the fires were put out, so a map to the specimen room and it's adjoining horrors might help, labs, prison cells, human cells in agar, etc etc etc...
ethermonkey2/13/2007 9:29:38 pm
...and i'll bet "I" smell like antifreeze. 'praps the good doctors' hands do, too...
mf2/15/2007 7:18:50 am
what ever became of that letter we found o so long ago in the breast pocket of the dead guy in the janitors closet? I didnt go back and look at that panel, but if memory serves, it has some incriminating evidence. also, im sure that crazy lady that wouldnt leave has some interesting stories to tell.
sheep2/15/2007 12:53:21 pm
These ideas are very good and will be implemented in a part of the ending of this adventure that is to be completed soon.
ethermonkey2/16/2007 8:33:48 am
should i keep going? my tongue is help in awaitence (sic) of a yanbu or other players rambles...maybe shoot us a police lock-up drwr to limber our tongues!
ted5/17/2007 10:27:39 am
yeah dats how i do!