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Once at the police station, they separate the three of you, then place you inside one of the interrogation rooms to be questioned. Soon, an officer enters the room and takes a seat across from you at the table. First, he asks your name and where you live. Knowing you did nothing wrong, you answer his questions without hesitation. The officer in the room doesn't recognise your name but one of the officers standing outside of the room behind the mirror thinks he does and leaves to get a file back at his office. The officer then asks you for the reason why you were trying to capture or harm the doctor that was stuck in the fence behind the old garage where they apprehend you. You tell him that this might take awhile for him to understand. He tells you he has all the time I need. You start by telling him about the green door in the alley that lead to a basement. You continue telling him your journey through the sewers and finding a wounded man who warned you of an evil doctor and his men. It's then that you can see the doubt start to come over the officers face. He interupts you and asks if you are making this up because it sounds kind of strange. You assure him that it's a true story and you can prove it if he just gives you a chance. He gives a quick glance over his shoulder at the mirror then tells you to continue. Knowing that he's not going to believe the rest of your story, you tell him to check your story against those that were saved from the burning hospital. They will collaborate everthing and if you don't want to believe them than go ask the firemen that were in the basement fighting the fire. They will tell you about the lab that the evil doctor ran in the basement of the hospital. The firemen will also tell you that we were trying to stop the doctor. It's then that you remember the note that they took from your pocket when they brought you to the station. You tell the officer the meaning of the note and that can be collaborated also. Just then, a knock comes at the door and the officer excuses himself for a minute. While the officer's out of the room, you think to yourself that this will all be cleared up soon and that you'll be able to go home. The door opens and the officer steps back inside followed by another man dressed in a suit. He introduces himself as detective Burns and asks you to follow him down the hall. He leads you to an office where two firemen are standing, still in there gear. Detective Burn's asks the firemen if you are the one they confronted in the tunnel and knocked them out with some type of liquid in a test tube. They both answer yes that you are one of the men who knocked them out. It's then that the detective informs you that even if your story checks out, you're still going to be in trouble for endangering the life of these two firemen. You start to explain yourself to the firemen but the detective stops you and leads you to a cell. As you're being locked inside the cell, the officer that went to get that file approaches the detective and hands him the file. Inside is the police report that your mother filled out when you went missing so many days ago. The detective reads it over briefly and turns towards you. He tells you to relax and that he's going to go make a phone call. Meanwhile, your story spreads through the station and more and more officers are hearing the same thing from the others that were held captive by the doctor and the firemen at the scene. How long will it be until you're set free? Who is the detective calling? Those answers and more are soon to come.
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