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As you sit in the cell, you start to worry. You wonder if this was all worth it. Every time someone walks by, you glance over to the door to see if they're here to release you. It seems like forever since they locked you inside but then someone stops at the door. You look up and there's detective Burns and your mother standing on the other side. Tears are falling down her face as she holds her hands out, yearning to hold you once again. As the detective unlocks the door, he tells you that you are free to go. You jump to your feet and rush over to your mother and hug her like never before. Her whole body shakes as she cries even harder then before. You tell your mother that everything will be Ok and that you'll never do anything like this again. You then hear the detective say that you'll need to come back tomorrow to answer more questions. You start to ask about the prisoners and the doctor. The detective replies that the prisoners are being well cared for and the doctor isn't going anywhere. He tells you to go home and relax and not to worry since the way he sees it you should be hailed as a hero. The detective then walks you down the hall to a waiting police officer who will drive you both home. Before you leave, the detective places a hand on your mother's shoulder and says to her "Your son saved a lot of people's lives risking his own. I'll see to it that he's rewarded for his bravery." As you both exit the police station, a crowd of people start to cheer waving signs that say you're a hero. Members of the press lurch forward, sticking mics in your faces. Your mother waves them off telling them to please back up. "We have nothing to say at this time. Please give us some peace. We will make a statement tomorrow after my son returns to the station." With that, you both enter the patrol car and drive away. You turn and look at your mother and ask if you're going to be in trouble for all of this once you get home. She gently taps her hand onto yours and smiles. "Everything will be alright my son. You being safe and back home is all that matters for now". She says. The patrol car pulls up in front of the house and the officer lets the both of you out. He reminds you that you will be contacted tomorrow and not to leave the area. He reaches out to shake your hand and say's "good luck", then drives off. As you enter the house you can't help but feel safe. It's been such a long and strange journey you've been on. Your mother again gives you a big hug, then holds you back to get a good look at you. "You look hungry" she says. It's been a while since you had anything good to eat so you reply "yes, very". You sit down on the couch as your mother walks to the kitchen to make you something to eat. You feel tired for the first time in days as your eyes start to close. Before long you're fast asleep. What will tomorrow be like when you return to the police station? Are you really going to be hailed a hero? Is this story coming to an end? Yes, the end is near.