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You wake up the next day to the birds singing and the sun shinning through your window. You can't believe everything that happened to you just hours before has almost come to an end. You think back to the green door that started it all. The underground tunnels that mazed beneath the city that were filled with fear and danger. A smirk comes across your face as you recollect the ingenuity you used to overcome the various obstacle's to reach not only your survival but, the saving of many lives and the capture of the evil doctor. You wonder what will happen to all that were saved, saddened for all that didn't and hopeful the doctor will get his due. You get dressed and head downstairs and are greeted with the smell of bacon in the air. Your mother gives you biggest smile as she reaches out to hug you once again. You feel slightly embarrassed as she gives you a big kiss on the cheek and tells you to sit down for breakfast. You look to see if the newspaper is on the table but don't see it. You ask your mother where the paper is and she tells you she hasn't gone out to get it yet. "I'm going out to get it" you say as you walk to the front door. You're curious to see what's written about the mental hospital and if there's any mentioning of you. Just as you exit the door, the phone starts to ring. You turn to face it but your mother yells out that she'll get it. Outside, you unfold the paper and splashed across the headlines in bold type are the words "local hero to be honored at capital today in mental hospital horror". This takes you by complete surprise. Are you the hero? You walk back inside and before you say anything, your mother says someone on the phone wants to talk to you. Picking up the receiver, you say hello. One the other end you hear detective Burns greating you with a joyful tone. "There's no need to come down to the station today" he says. "Everything has been worked out and it looks like you're going to be a big hero in this city". He goes on to tell you that you will meet with mayor Palmer and governor Corzine today at city hall around noon today. He goes on to say that a limo will come by to pick you and your mother up and to dress sharp since you will be in the spotlight today for being a hero to the city and state. You feel overjoyed hearing this and call out to you mother that you're both going to the state house today to meet the mayor and the governor. You thank the detective for calling and hang up the phone. As you sit and eat your breakfast, your eyes read every word of the articles about the hospital. It seems that the prisoners have all said that if wasn't for you that they would still be held captive and the doctor would still be experimenting with them. There's also an artical relating how crime throughout the city has dropped since the capture of the doctor and his assistants. After you're done reading, you take a shower and put on you best duds and wait for the limo to pull up outside. You feel the butterflys in you stomach as noon approaches, then you hear a knock at the door. You mother answers the door and standing there is the limo driver that was sent to take you to the state house. You both pile in and off you go to the state house. As you near the state house, you see a large crowd has gatherd along with news vans. The limo pulls up in front and the crowd cheers and hollers as you both exit. The start to chant "hero!, hero!" as your led inside. What will it be like to meet the mayor and governor? Stay tunned to find out.
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great pixeldraw....