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- by kiddo - 10/23/2005 - 5:19:57 am
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\<10/23/2005 5:26:05 am
when i was like 10 (?) i stuck a copper pipe on a toygun and fired a firework rocket right over a fully-loaded-with-whatever ship just to see what it would look like. :O
\<10/23/2005 5:26:33 am
inspired by #14 ;)
mf10/23/2005 5:44:37 am
nice. did it fire back?
\<10/23/2005 1:27:19 pm
no, but right after the rocket exploded the dude steering it switched on a big ass follow spotlights and searched the banks but we had already hidden pretty well. ;)
seeka10/23/2005 7:55:53 pm
pretty inventive
\<10/25/2005 6:48:32 pm
pretty stoopid. for all i know there couldve been nothing but flammable liquids on that ship and then what :P
loopdogg11/3/2005 1:06:19 am
this drawing kicks ass...
\<11/3/2005 1:27:37 am
are you serious? i think this drawring blows harder than a overbooked crackwhore with a deep-throat discount.
loopdogg11/3/2005 9:44:08 am
i really like it, it reminds me of an impressionist fireworks painting i saw one... if only i could remeber what it was.
loopdogg11/3/2005 9:44:44 am
and if i could spell/type when drunk that would be nice too...
\<11/3/2005 12:18:17 pm
well if you do remember let me know! and yeah i cant spell/type either when im drunk, they should really make bigger keyboards for drunk people ;)
Raphaelle11/4/2005 5:27:37 pm
So nice, but...les feux d'artifices me rendent triste!
\<11/5/2005 9:19:23 pm
Raphaelle11/5/2005 10:54:08 pm
when i was 7months old i've been very very ill and i was "nearly" dead...it was a 14th July...(the national day in France and a lot of fire)...Peut ?Itre que c'est cause de cela..i don't know...
\<11/7/2005 12:50:03 pm
hm is november the national month in france? there seems to be a lot of fire and shit goin on right now
Raphaelle11/8/2005 5:13:35 pm
...no...just a new challenge "how many car are you able to burn?"...
\<11/9/2005 2:50:20 pm
oh cool. i love that they have it on tv, that way the winner is prolly gonna get all famous and record cds and shit. cool. can i join in? or is it only for foreigners? ;)