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- by sarah - 10/30/2005 - 6:34:48 am
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Sarah10/30/2005 6:36:24 am
I used to work for a humane society. I sometimes would take animals home in my purse or lunch bag instead of putting them to sleep.
loopdogg10/30/2005 11:02:11 pm
AWESOME! I couldn't do it, I would have a house full of animals.
sheep10/30/2005 11:31:07 pm
You're my hero!
Sarah10/31/2005 2:37:28 am
I didn't keep them all. It was kind of an underground railroad of sorts.
mrae10/31/2005 11:47:07 pm
You're my hero!!!
Gerold Blankface11/2/2005 7:05:24 am
indeed noble !
thank you !!
purplemartin7/20/2007 5:03:57 am
you and my friend Nessa should talk-you are both angels.