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yanbu1/13/2006 6:58:27 pm
good news and bad news - i think all the data from 10eastern is safe and on that hard drive that my server peeps be punting to me from far away! bad news is i had to buy the whole drive and pay for a re-install. . and have to wait till the middle of next week before i get the hard drive in the mail

nice to see you guys care and thanks for the execution / murder drawings, support etc.

this weekend should bring a number of things back to normal, there are a large number of updates/patches programs to install/configure etc so as soon as i can
mrae1/13/2006 7:27:52 pm
hey yanbu, if you could hook up the credit card thingy somehow, i would love to contribute a few $$ to the resurrection fund....this site means so much to so many people that i'm pretty sure there are others who want to kick down too...
kix1/14/2006 6:36:50 pm
please send your address...
if we can well help :)
GOOMBa1/15/2006 2:57:09 am
yanbu, are you sure that your host shouldn't take responsibiilty for the hack?