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Gerold Blankface1/19/2006 3:13:06 pm
Hey Yanbu,
any luck with the drive?
If you want, I can pull the data off of the drive for you (but you;d have to ship it to me).. should only take me a few hours.. I can put an image of the entire drive on a dvd (or dvd's), along with the ghost image explorer app. I could also extract the website's data and drop it on a disc too (so you would just have to upload it to the new harddrive)
lemme know if you want me to do this and I'll send you my address.
yanbu1/19/2006 5:09:53 pm
hey gerold - i will have an update on the situation in a few hours! hopefully something positive. . . i helped setup lipps' paintings at a gallery here in town yesterday and was there tonight for the opening, time has been limited since i got the drive - hopefully tonight will be tha nite. i f***ing hate learning how to deal with this file format, it's not straightford - windows does not like
yanbu1/19/2006 5:13:21 pm
and i do appreciate the offer and will take you up on if all fails - thank you