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- by dosgov the renegade - 8/30/2004 - 7:42:57 pm
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dosgov the renegade8/30/2004 9:03:01 pm
secknd shivt schuffl
me and the big boys start to hussle
shake a skunk out of the rafters
and let him flavor or breath
what a treat
and on this night
goath hormones
inside our hamburglers
they are cheating
he is cheating
he wants to win so much
groaning in the bushes
that hide the bells of belleview
from the residents
eating macaroni
in fridges
and in paintings
the walls will be held up by the green we paint on them
the paper of flowers
never more than a design

that is bullshit
i don't know
may god shower in the mroning and in the afternoon
he is probably under a lot of stress
and he is probably an alcoholicblood is not fresh when it comes from a can recall
the way we learned through video
and then guessat trees that keep their smile
throughout the windstorm
that the news covers so well
so we can be informed and keep safe