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- by sheep - 6/15/2005 - 10:19:49 am
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sheep6/15/2005 10:20:52 am
It has two wheels.
tim6/15/2005 10:43:55 am
the name of this is slipping my head, but you use it to transport heavy boxes or what have you
mez6/15/2005 10:45:05 am
that thing that lifts things. you push those things underneath the thing you wanna lift, and then voila, it lifts the thing.
The angry flagman6/15/2005 11:17:24 am
A dolly hand truck.
sheep6/15/2005 11:35:55 am
Yea, it's a hand truck.
The angry flagman6/15/2005 11:47:26 am
That must be an old one.
Mbeanis N. Alzin6/16/2005 1:42:27 am
In Spanish, "un diablo," - a devil.