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N-Jin6/25/2005 1:54:25 pm
i hope this is not toooooo difficult. but everyone should know it.
Rene Gonzalez6/25/2005 2:46:23 pm
The Color Bars Next To The Swithches On An ATARI 2600?
N-Jin6/26/2005 4:05:12 am
no, its a bigger object. try again...
N-Jin6/26/2005 4:06:38 am
the lights have a sounds while moving. something like "whoo whoo....whoo whoo...etc."
The angry flagman6/26/2005 4:57:59 am
Is that the light bar from car that was in that show that had that guy in it? Knight Rider.
N-Jin6/26/2005 9:14:13 am
yeah, you are right!!! you got 1000 gumpoints!
The angry flagman6/26/2005 1:54:01 pm
Tee Hee!!!!!