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- by borny - 6/30/2005 - 5:15:53 am
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borny.6/30/2005 5:16:06 am
Pink MONKEY6/30/2005 5:25:06 am
It's a game where they use marbles or stones and I can't remeber WTF it's called.
Rene Gonzalez6/30/2005 5:44:44 am
I Think It's Called Mankala.
borny.6/30/2005 5:47:17 am
Yup, Mancala.
Pink MONKEY6/30/2005 5:51:58 am
Do I get half credit?
borny.6/30/2005 6:23:32 am
Sure, why not.
elK6/30/2005 11:32:46 am
i eennnjoy this game, very much ^_^
tim6/30/2005 8:05:30 pm
i'm terrible at this game.
borny.7/1/2005 1:50:36 am
It's a great game.
mez7/1/2005 8:27:19 am
i'm pretty sure i fuckin hate this game
borny.7/5/2005 8:18:02 pm
That's because you can't add, a vital skill to the game.