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- by sheep - 10/30/2005 - 2:54:18 am
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sheep10/30/2005 2:55:08 am
Late 60s
The angry flagman10/30/2005 5:01:33 am
Is that a Hot Wheels toy?
poopmustache10/30/2005 4:03:09 pm
sheep10/30/2005 5:15:49 pm
Yes, a red line Hotwheels car to be exact. Still have a few from my younger days.
The angry flagman10/31/2005 3:57:51 am
Dude! I had hundereds of these things, I ended up giving them all away when I was 16. The little punk i gave them to blew them up with M80,s.
sheep10/31/2005 5:04:36 pm
Too bad you gave them away. They're quite collectable today. If anyone has any sitting around collecting dust, fell free to send them my way.
KcMsterpce11/21/2005 9:52:38 am
I have about 250+ Hot Wheels. :)
sheep11/22/2005 4:30:49 am
250+ Redlines?