unknown gallery - by sheep
unknown gallery
- by sheep - 10/30/2007 - 4:15:18 pm Time: 55 mins 53 secs
v1- by sheep - 10/30/2007 4:15:18 pm
Time: 55 mins 53 secs
sheep10/30/2007 4:27:21 pm
Yanbu, just a couple things I noticed when scanning through the unknown gallery. If you hit the forward button instead of the next numbered box button, it will sometimes skip several pages. Also, if you hit the back button after moving a page forward, the page going backwards will have completely different drawings on it then the one you were just at. It will continue to show different draws as long as you keep going back. So basicly you get two different sets of pages....one going forward and one going back...weird. I'm sure you also noticed a lot of red X's in the drawing boxes on some of the pages. One final note......are all 7000+ drawings located in the unknown drawing area. There seems to be a lot of the drawings missing. I posted this comment here so all of the other drawers can have a better chance of locating some of their drawings and to see if you (yanbu) have noticed this.
yanbu10/30/2007 4:47:50 pm
thanks for the heads up sheep - the gallery navigation is set so that you view any of the page numbers listed on the screen by clicking the numbers (1-13 on the first page) clicking the >> tab brings you to page 14, viewing 14-24 - then clicking >> again brings you to page 25, etc. clicking first or last will bring you to the very first page or very last page of a gallery

the unknown gallery has a ton of stuff in it that belongs to people still, it's been hours of combing through to re-attach the images to the correct artists (i posted about the unknown gallery on the front news page before the boards went up on sunday) the import script used to get everyone in attached an image to a name based on the correct spelling of the artist name versus the IP address, if there were name variations or different IP's the drawing went to the unknown . . . hopefully i can get all these sorted out to the right people by the weekend. The only way to do it is manually, and as you can imagine it takes hours just to do a few hundred! and lots of the images have no name at all, or a name that has never been used before, so it's kind of impossible on the majority of the images to see who they really go to.

if anyone feels like going through and finding their own stuff, please do - and add it to a new folder (you can create a folder in your gallery page) and then email when you've made a list. i can convert them easier this way, but it takes a looong time to go through these. so either wait for me to do it over the next week, or email me if you do find yours so i don't do the work twice! thanks
kix11/1/2007 11:05:37 am
yanbu do you really think sorting all those unknown pics is so important?
it looks as if theres enough work just running 10e!!!
what about some new photos instead?