vorronoid - by lm
- by lm - 11/16/2007 - 1:23:11 pm Time: 54 mins 19 secs
v1- by lm - 11/16/2007 1:23:11 pm
Time: 54 mins 19 secs
lm11/16/2007 1:23:40 pm
fatribz11/16/2007 1:33:04 pm
seeka11/16/2007 1:41:37 pm
yanbu11/16/2007 2:24:54 pm
yanbu11/16/2007 2:26:12 pm
so great! how's it get on this board? i have to figure that out
lm11/16/2007 3:44:51 pm
i think that happens when you first draw in the normal drawing board and then in the larger board in one login session. i could be wrong, though.
HALE11/16/2007 4:32:49 pm
first of all I would like to say that this is an awesome drawring.
Secondly, I will experiment with said method.

Also, I found that when I tried to re-touch a drawr chosen directly from the homepage, i am able to use the applet to re-touch but in the next step where you title and comment, the drawr thumbnail has not changed, it is the draw that was double-clicked on the homepage. At that point, I just exit instead of saving the drawr to see what ACTUALLY happens. When I search back to my drawr on the board manually , re-touches go smoothly.
HALE11/16/2007 4:36:09 pm
holy shit, what if you could choose which applet/canvas you wanted to post on the Anything board. fatribz, I'm scared.
deerfactory11/16/2007 8:17:04 pm
the size is not important...i like the concept ;)
fatribz11/17/2007 10:40:53 am
"Hold on to your butts"
mrae11/17/2007 12:49:56 pm
awful11/18/2007 6:03:11 pm
klaasens11/24/2007 11:46:56 pm