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tthunderdan1/21/2008 3:28:16 pm
Al1/23/2008 5:20:49 am
Sorry to hear your freezing on the job. I hurt myself at work a few weeks ago and I need surgery on my hand. Never trust a dolly when hooking up doubles.
tthunderdan1/23/2008 12:54:12 pm
...I never messed with no doubles...GET WELL SOON...if nothing else, the shitty days just make us enjoy the good ones more...better days are ahead!...
Al1/24/2008 3:30:41 am
... ten FORE!
Al1/26/2008 7:54:21 am
Hey check this out Dan - http://www.voteforabetteridaho.org/images/double-outhouse.jpg
tthunderdan1/26/2008 9:53:49 am
...that's about it GO HILLARY! she's so HAWT!...either her or GHOULiany, he seems like a trustable, honorable fellow...