collab test - by yanbu
collab test
- by yanbu - 1/29/2008 - 3:46:24 pm Time: 1 min 3 secs
v1- by yanbu - 1/29/2008 3:46:24 pm
Time: 1 min 3 secs
yanbu1/29/2008 3:57:48 pm
ok - here's the skinny on collab - it's officially UP and working!

to start a collab just start a drawring (logged in as yourself) as you would normally (or not normally since it's going to be a collab), click save, and NOW in the title/comment screen there is a new checkmark button underneath the comments box that says "Make Collaborative"

click the checkmark and hit save, you will then see a list of all registered drawrers to choose from to collab with!

whoever you chose to collab with in the collab list will now see a "Re-Touch" option in the title bar of the board view, so they can go in and add something to the collab.

whoever started the collab will now have a "Collab" option in the title bar on the board view to add people to collab on the draw (or remove if for some reason that needs to happen)

and in the title bar it will show a list of all the people who are available to collab on the draw (title by drawr1, drawr2, drawr3 etc) - right now the drawing by default goes to the gallery of the person who started it, it will be fixed soon to put the drawing into the galleries of anyone who collab'd on it

as far as figuring out who wants to collab with who just start a draw and assign some people you want to collab with, and possibly put the people's names in the comments as "collab with xxx xxx"

ideas or comments? let's collab

yanbu1/29/2008 4:15:55 pm
also there is a safeguard in place to prevent two (or more) people from drawing at the same time, if you try to draw on a collab you are part of and someone else is drawing, it will let you know who's drawing
Al1/29/2008 5:55:28 pm
Very cool Yanbu.. after i added everyone to the collab on the drawing above a few minutes later i went back and it said allman vibe was drawing. Will there be an Add Everyone button?
fatribz1/30/2008 5:16:35 pm
sounds gnarly! nice work.
just wondering, is the formating screwy for anyone here? like the comment are under the draw? this seems fine until i check the superlarge draw area where i cant read some comments. i have a widescreen display btw
yanbu1/30/2008 5:37:01 pm
try hitting refresh on your browser, which one you using fatribz?

yeah the comment formatting is super f'd in the super board, tanks for the reminder, is it screwed here too for you? i'm seeing it ok