skyline photo - by bradthedad
skyline photo
- by bradthedad - 2/8/2008 - 2:29:08 pm Time: 1 hr 46 mins 41 secs
collaborative drawing open to bradthedad, allman vibe, dtd, fatribz, idwtwwr, lm, unicornonthecob, yanbu
v1 - by bradthedad - 2/8/2008 2:29:08 pm
Time: 39 mins 58 secs
bradthedad2/8/2008 3:58:02 pm
I'm thinking old photograph style moon, cloud someone draw the skyline sorta thingy...
bradthedad2/10/2008 7:30:27 am
what's up with this, says seeka is drawing, yanbu? help...
seeka2/10/2008 9:05:23 am
no....I havent logged in!
bradthedad2/10/2008 9:14:02 am
yanbu? it also says lm is drawing on another of my drawings...hmmm bug?? what's up?
lm2/10/2008 9:38:49 am
yeah, i also got this bug. e.g. idwtwwr is drawing on #97 although it is not a collab. peace
yanbu2/10/2008 10:03:19 am
aye! i see that now, and have fixed them - i'll look into why it's happening, many apologies
bradthedad2/10/2008 10:15:48 am
thanks yanbu for prompt attn. you rock!
v2 - by bradthedad - 2/10/2008 10:19:33 am
Time: 2 mins 45 secs
bradthedad2/10/2008 10:48:15 am
yan check out 95 says lm is drawing..thanks

someone help with draw plzz...
v3 - by bradthedad - 2/10/2008 4:50:23 pm
Time: 45 mins 7 secs
v4 - by bradthedad - 2/10/2008 5:10:05 pm
Time: 18 mins 51 secs
bradthedad2/10/2008 5:13:07 pm
lunar eclipse G.R. style!!
bradthedad2/10/2008 5:33:12 pm
still collab issues says deerfactory is drawing, i'm sure it's being worked on, not trying to be a pain in the butt...just trying to stay occupied in this freezer we live in.
mrae2/10/2008 6:03:38 pm
love this!
Al2/10/2008 8:28:32 pm
this is so kick ass