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tthunderdan3/8/2008 9:52:05 am
Al3/8/2008 10:03:43 am
Hi Tdan. This picture sums it all up... the reason that 30 of us at the bottom at the pole at Con-Way won't have a job in 2 weeks. No severance or un-employment. Just cut!
mrae3/8/2008 10:29:27 am
tthunderdan3/8/2008 10:40:19 am
...truly sorry to hear Al, but by the looks and smells of things, alot of us ain't far behind...thank you mrae...
tthunderdan3/8/2008 10:44:41 am
...it almost seems like the smart ones are on welfare and free to run around and make deals all day and nite while I work my c*&k off and the utilities keep rising and my pay stays the same, sorta' like a slow painful sink...I could always start drinking again and just be the local drunk...every community needs a drunk or two...
seeka3/8/2008 10:45:45 am
I don't understand what you are saying. Could someone explain?
Al3/8/2008 11:45:22 am
I work my ass off too. Freight is slow and fuel prices are too high with no relief in sight. Con-Way has been sub contracting carriers to pull alot of our freight so they don't have to pay us what we deserve (overtime) and of course benefits. The country to the south was given permission to run semis in our country which will change pay rates some day. That's only a scratch of the surface whats going on out there.
fatribz3/8/2008 12:05:46 pm
im not sure about germany, but in america our money is worthless paper, we have a private a secret organization called The Federal Reserve that manipulates money value, interest rate and shit ...and shit.

they answer to no one, are held to no laws and do not have to disclose shit about what they are doing. they were formed when the country was in shit great depression and no one could get money from banks..they fooled eerrbady into The Fed(Federal Reserve) system of infinite paper pudding moneys to be the last resort in case all banks lost money.

so even when there is no money at the bank, we can turn to the Fed to make money for us out of thin air, I don't know why anyone would want that, but somehow the Fed will make it AOK. Its just funny how this system was been exposed as a fraud, along with this war in Iraq being based on lies.. yet it continues.

thanks to the internets we know our stuffs and still cannot do shit, unless its some radical business, but we don't wanna be terrorists mnyasee? silver and gold for moneyssss! woooOoOFoO party ovah heeraaaa

thank you
tthunderdan3/8/2008 1:46:02 pm
...fatribs, that is about the only the only thing you've ever typed on here that I understood, I usually don't get what you type...
tthunderdan3/8/2008 1:48:57 pm
...Al, no unemployment? that don't sound rite...don't let them get away with it, it'll happen all the time then...then they wonder why people go off and start mass killing other humans...
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Al3/8/2008 8:16:04 pm
@fatribz - yeah dude.. great point
@tthunderdan - the VP of operations told us that we couldn't get unemployment but I found out he was wrong. Thanks.
tthunderdan3/8/2008 8:30:15 pm
...kick him in the nuts anyways...
seeka3/9/2008 3:23:11 am
Thanks for the explanation fatribz!