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the comb!
grip handle2/21/2004 1:39:17 pm
there need to be more comments left on these drawings, cmon people I'm not the only one out there. Let's start talking, START GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER. this drawing sucks.
listen man2/21/2004 2:46:53 pm
you need to CALM THE FUCK DOWN. this drawing isn't so bad, you critical jerk. i'll draw myself, and when you click on this page to see it i'll jump out of the drawing and whoop your ass!
grip handle2/21/2004 3:21:03 pm
Now that's more like it!
stans price2/21/2004 7:58:58 pm
I just want to add my comment cause I agree, these drawings are just the right thing to inspire an open forum. Now, the phrase "No More" is an important and relative one to me (see the 'Grand Rapids Memories' section of the 10eastern forum for tales of 'Neighbor No More') and the inclusion of a comb is even more important because I've never used one. Now, if we were to disregard all clothing and obligations in lieu of a more communal relationship how many wives may I have and would you be jealous if I ended up running off with Jonathon? In summary I love fish but will not eat any foods that have been shaped to resemble a fish.
filberts, dilbert, wilbur2/22/2004 8:33:27 pm
this comb, it had significance to the previous night at 115 s division . . combs, many, plastic and purchased by a one jef leppard at a convenience store on woodward avenue in the heart of detroit before an lsdudes show, fell into the hands of a priestess auswitch, doling hair grooming doom to unsuspecting bipeds