still hacky after all these years - by kiddo
still hacky after all these years
- by kiddo - 4/5/2008 - 9:28:03 am Time: 5 mins 46 secs
v1- by kiddo - 4/5/2008 9:28:03 am
Time: 5 mins 46 secs
kiddo4/5/2008 9:30:02 am
thx fatribz, that actually works.

discovered another hack in the process: if you choose "circle" (or any other tool presumably) and draw a circle, then click outside the box and drag to draw another one they all count as 1 undo step. that way you can delete several circles at once. forgot to test if it works with bezier too. have fun!
kiddo4/5/2008 9:32:59 am
retested: it seems like as long as you keep drawing from outside the box, its all still the same "undo step". with any tool.
i didnt know this, but that explains some undo issues i had in the past.
fatribz4/5/2008 2:48:37 pm
thank ye, that was fun. and lead to discovery of a new game called race for the high jump(at least thats what i call it in(side) my neck of wood)