Farewell to Nick the Tailor - by The Angry Flagman
Farewell to Nick the Tailor
- by The Angry Flagman - 4/18/2008 - 7:18:32 pm Time: 29 mins 10 secs
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Time: 29 mins 10 secs
The Angry Flagman4/18/2008 7:34:12 pm
The couple that ran this tiny shop were old back in the 80's. Old Nick died about 10 years ago and his wife carried on the business up to about a month ago. The shop was housed in the corner of the old Empire Theater and was the only business to thrive in that location. The store space was not much wider than the front counter, very small space. The building started off as a bank and then housed a theater. Back in the late 80's another theater went in and died out within the year but old nick kept going. Big business has bought the whole building and wants to turn it into office space and condos. I kinda thought it was a neat business and now its going to be renovated into oblivion. I hate big business.
allman vibe4/18/2008 11:29:27 pm
yanbu4/19/2008 6:48:23 am
it sucks to see so many smaller businesses go down, hopefully she can relocate and keep it going. i bought a few guitars and effects etc at a locally owned place rather than at guitar center, even though guitar center had them $50 - $100 cheaper. three musical instrument stores have gone down in the last five or so years here, one just last month - i'm sure because of gutiar center being able to offer just about everything way cheaper. just like walmart, etc. blech
The Angry Flagman4/19/2008 8:25:20 am
The old woman wont reopen, She's got to be around 80 years old and I dont know if they had any kids. There used to be an old shoe store on the same block that closed down in the early 90's and the whole building sits vacant. I remember the shop owners cat used to lay in the front window. Glens Falls is a dying city and no amount of condos is going to bring it back.
The Angry Flagman4/19/2008 8:27:59 am
I seem to have this fascination with old buildings lately, dont know why.
fatribz4/19/2008 9:56:57 am
old stuff is great, abandoned buildings are curious. history... used books stores. i feel for you, but such is life. everything around us is going away, except for the plastic in the pacific ocean. thats here to stay
Al4/19/2008 2:32:32 pm
FailedSquare4/22/2008 12:14:03 am