adventure - by yanbu, fatribz
- by yanbu, fatribz - 5/16/2008 - 9:51:57 pm Time: 24 mins 
collaborative drawing open to everybody
v1 - by yanbu - 5/16/2008 9:51:57 pm
Time: 17 mins 26 secs
yanbu5/16/2008 9:53:11 pm
i forgot the bat!
yanbu5/16/2008 9:59:25 pm
i thought it would be really funny to see in another game, maybe some people can help collab this into something funnernerr
v2 - by fatribz - 5/17/2008 10:28:52 am
Time: 6 mins 34 secs
fatribz5/17/2008 10:29:26 am
is that block at the gate our hero?
i get the feeling the archer does really fit
yanbu5/17/2008 1:24:44 pm
yanbu5/17/2008 3:59:46 pm
Al5/17/2008 7:08:39 pm
Remember we used to get every character into one room! That was fun back in 1982.
fatribz5/18/2008 1:12:37 pm
that was supposed to say "doesn't"...the archer does not fit.. but after seeing the enemies in the video it may pass
allman vibe5/18/2008 7:30:04 pm
loooooooove it