Mitzvah - by ayle711, The Angry Flagman
- by ayle711, The Angry Flagman - 5/23/2008 - 7:00:07 am Time: 1 hr 18 secs
collaborative drawing open to everybody
v1 - by ayle711 - 5/23/2008 7:00:07 am
Time: 46 mins 58 secs
FailedSquare5/23/2008 9:08:17 am
lol i can definately think of something to do with this drawing but it is highly inappropriate.
HALE5/23/2008 11:19:00 am
ball sack in the mouth
ayle7115/24/2008 7:30:21 am
my original intention was to draw the rain fallin as well but yeah I ran out of time...
ayle7115/24/2008 7:32:46 am
I obviously underestimated the perversion that tags along with being creative...guilty of it myself...
The Angry Flagman5/24/2008 10:14:44 am
I was thinking of the rays of an ancient sun shining down.
ayle7115/24/2008 1:02:40 pm
make it happen yo, its yours!
v2 - by The Angry Flagman - 5/25/2008 4:16:34 pm
Time: 13 mins 20 secs
The Angry Flagman5/25/2008 4:19:37 pm
That's kinda what I had in mind. Hope I didn't screw it up. Sorry it took so long to add this, been in and out with my mother in the hospital.
ayle7115/25/2008 6:57:01 pm
its a beaut, thanks!