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collaborative drawing open to everybody
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VanLodz6/22/2008 8:13:00 am
so I went to a bar last night and they had a pool in the middle of the floor. got thrown in, it sucked. I got over it, then I found out the place has a freaking BASEMENT.
bad idea?
by the end of the night everyone was standing in 3 inches of water, and I was waiting for the collapse.
BuddaTheKorean6/23/2008 10:55:56 am
its a shame....if they were real americans they wouldave filled the pool with beer.....so sad...
VanLodz6/23/2008 3:35:14 pm
then maybe when I was thrown into it I wouldn't have minded that some of it went into my mouth.
actually, yes I would have, it was filthy.