no clipping zone - by FailedSquare
no clipping zone
- by FailedSquare - 7/1/2008 - 5:02:15 pm Time: 3 mins 12 secs
v1- by FailedSquare - 7/1/2008 5:02:15 pm
Time: 3 mins 12 secs
VanLodz7/1/2008 5:06:32 pm
I HATE THIS. I am a compulsive clipper.
FailedSquare7/1/2008 5:08:52 pm
lmao i have this sign hanging in my kitchen as a joke...
VanLodz7/1/2008 5:16:51 pm
I can totally understand this sign in a kitchen, so I guess I don't hate it.
allman vibe7/1/2008 6:28:49 pm
i love clipping my fingernails, but not my toenails.. crazyy
VanLodz7/1/2008 6:34:13 pm
I gag thinking about unclipped toenails. blllah.
allman vibe7/1/2008 6:48:27 pm
oh me too
im just afraid to cut them
VanLodz7/2/2008 12:25:21 pm
also understandable, because there is always the chance of a "too short" clipping, which is a scary thought for sure.
FailedSquare7/4/2008 12:31:34 pm
yep if you go too short you could get to the skin... or worse have it become INGROWN!