lsdudes vinyl - by yanbu
lsdudes vinyl
- by yanbu - 9/10/2008 - 8:14:24 pm Time: 43 mins 34 secs
v1- by yanbu - 9/10/2008 8:14:24 pm
Time: 43 mins 34 secs
yanbu9/10/2008 8:20:43 pm
it might be the most riduculous band name ever, but we (lsdudes) just released an LP on friction records with super nice packaging and some amazing looking yellow and red swirl vinyl! some links below to look at, i'm happy it's finally done and ready!


just thought i'd share, it was nice to come home tonight after a long shitty day and see this LP in my hands for the first time
yanbu9/10/2008 8:28:53 pm
oh and here's a equally ridiculous video promo we did for the LP :) it's supposed to be modelled after those k-tel record compilation commercials you'd see in the 70's / 80's

yanbu9/10/2008 8:56:02 pm
by the way, that's not us on the cover of it, but some 'dudes' :)
cows2flames9/10/2008 10:00:04 pm
I enjoy what you do. Keep it up.

That's not innuendo. Unless you want it to be.
poopmustache9/11/2008 4:29:12 am
Shunt9/11/2008 8:01:27 am
Hey Yanbu, congratulations!
Did you know you can put your band profile and discography on worldmusicdatabase.org (which is my website, it could use some traffic and new submitters too!)
seeka9/11/2008 3:36:09 pm
wow that is such a good teaser.....hahahahaha
fatribz9/11/2008 5:08:36 pm
hahahahaa oh man video gaemes.
i want it!

good thing about the cover. i thought i was retarded for not being able to pick ya out