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- by tthunderdan - 12/20/2008 - 6:31:48 pm Time: 36 mins 6 secs
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Time: 36 mins 6 secs
tthunderdan12/20/2008 6:31:56 pm
yanbu12/21/2008 12:42:27 pm
it would be a cold ride . . especially here, it's 4 degrees out with a wind chill of -15
mf12/21/2008 1:11:54 pm
today, it's colder in Chicago than Antarctica. heynow
tthunderdan12/21/2008 1:42:11 pm
...I drove thru detroit the other day, went to marysville for sand and back to carmichael pa...
fatribz12/21/2008 3:56:49 pm
how was the experience?
tthunderdan12/21/2008 4:47:52 pm
...the traffic was tight and fast up 94 (seeing how they hadn't gotten around to plowing the hammer lane and the on and off ramps) but it was OK...only took about 40 minutes in and out to load, which is fast, good group of fellows there...783 miles that day, just to load and go home...long day...
Al12/24/2008 6:33:36 am
Your a madman!