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Time: 45 mins 41 secs
allman vibe1/7/2009 8:12:31 pm
ive been here a whole year, woo

i love this place, thanx for letting me draw with all of you!

here are just a few of you, as i see you, not irl of course just based on yr drawings and stuff.. guess who.. ha ha
ethermonkey1/7/2009 8:53:00 pm
This is the shit!

Many bonus points to whomever makes one of those outline-only charts with a numbered character key.
fatribz1/8/2009 3:42:38 pm
i see deerfactory as deer
and ethermonkey as owl
loopdogg is the green atari character
mrae as pink wibble
the brown puffy bear is mf
spaceman as deerfactory again
blue yoga water man as omtra
bluedog as №
cat ghost a 'elk to the future'
i wanna be the smiley face
the pokeball faced person is Road Dog McGee
Al is the fish between the deer's legs
red x eyes is self portrait
and the deer aura is yanbu aka the spirit of 10e

the rest of life are just details

fatribz1/8/2009 3:44:33 pm
and thank you, you are great internet company
Al1/8/2009 3:55:58 pm
Oh, why do I have to be the fish?
fatribz1/8/2009 5:16:35 pm
or ok that is Angry Flagman, my bad.

I wanted to be the fish first actually, until I thought I wanted to be a happy person, so I will trade the happy face for the fish, unless of course none of this matters and I am all wrong on human affairs. in case I am right I will copy and paste this:

"Learn to live in Him each day, and to let Him fully have His way, and you will increase in Light and have the strength for the upcoming greater fights. With each passing of the broom, more and more raging will come to the surface and the hatred unleashed will seek to steal your new found room, and will try to bring about your doom. But I will uncover the deep strategies and the hidden operations of the darkness, for you to understand what lies entrenched in the deep and what seeks to continue to rule in your land. For what currently rules will instead become your very tools in which you and My people will learn to wield and to command.
allman vibe1/8/2009 5:23:34 pm
wow, you got deer and mrae and omtra right!! lol
allman vibe1/8/2009 5:24:20 pm
and ether
deerfactory1/9/2009 4:28:40 am
hugs for you and you and you <3
Al1/9/2009 5:57:01 am
Well said.
fatribz1/9/2009 5:35:07 pm
is loopdogg the dog then?
allman vibe1/9/2009 7:34:57 pm
yes. lol
loopdogg1/9/2009 7:48:58 pm
Thank you for this honor!
omtra1/9/2009 10:57:46 pm
mrae1/9/2009 11:01:34 pm
<3 love it! a whole year, wow, so glad you found the site!