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- by allman vibe - 1/31/2009 - 12:22:21 am Time: 24 mins 3 secs
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Time: 24 mins 3 secs
allman vibe1/31/2009 12:22:39 am
fatribz1/31/2009 4:46:38 am
'przeciwnik' is oppenent is Polish. I word I just learned a few days ago trying to learn what opposite was.

last night I bought a skateboard in detroit in my dream, the city wasn't so bad and it was summer.
fatribz1/31/2009 4:46:45 am
great draw
mrae1/31/2009 8:07:31 am
these are both awesome!
allman vibe1/31/2009 12:12:18 pm

last night i was attacked by a wolf and a dog in my dream! : also i had to play a game with these grim reaper type things that involved making sounds with chains and keeping them away from a group of people so they wouldnt kill them.. it was very silent hilly
The Angry Flagman1/31/2009 5:33:05 pm
Green is cool too.
TehNewbstress1/31/2009 6:28:46 pm
These are really awesome.