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Al4/25/2009 3:01:55 pm
Government prosperity of a baby canal is a unique reproduction and the possibilities of invading the chinese buffet with WOMD is imperative to the existence of our freedom and maybe to keep Canadian Idol from airing its first episode in 2059 so we can all be free.
allman vibe4/25/2009 4:56:41 pm
fatribz4/26/2009 11:24:46 am
"The nation's first regularly scheduled air passage service began operation between Grand Rapids and Detroit in 1926."

air passage service?? not a plane ride? maybe balloon!? a turbine blast personal artificial jet stream?

Al, did you grow up in Grand Rapids?
circle one:
Yes . No way, dre.
Al4/26/2009 3:35:55 pm
I don't have a touch screen yet, so I couldn't exactly circle it. But, I grew up in Lincoln Park, Michigan (suburb of Detroit) I briefly lived in Grand Rapids in late 2005. It was too f'n cold and snowy out there. Everytime I got in my Semi Truck I said a prayer that I wouldn't slide off the freeway. So I moved back to Detroit and had lots of problems keeping a job. The economy has been sliding for years now if anyone hasn't noticed. So then another cold winter hit and I fell off my truck and ripped my shin open on the metals steps. I laid there in a pool of blood on frozen concrete and a small dog ran up to me and pissed on my coat. I tried swatting him away with my bloody glove and he snagged it out of my hand and ran away with it. To make a short story longer, I had enough. So I moved down to Florida and really nothing to complain about YET.
fatribz4/26/2009 3:55:33 pm
Jeez.. that's a shitawful story. but it would be great in a comedy film , not that i'm laughing. anyhow, it's good to know things have taken a turn for the better. thanks for disclosing the history lesson.

as for me, i'm going to try and ride this out in Michigan, but i feel like i may be missing out on life if i stick around here.. like a "piece of crap bobbing in a ice fishing hole" .. as the Polish saying goes.
Al4/26/2009 4:39:32 pm
I made the part up about the dog. Michigan is fun during the summer I always thought. Bobbing shit in an ice hole? Haha!! Never heard that one.