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lm5/29/2009 7:07:57 pm
hand, get out of
allman vibe5/29/2009 7:21:49 pm
whoa yeah
mrae5/29/2009 9:17:22 pm
Wow, holy cow that's fantastic!
ethermonkey5/29/2009 10:53:00 pm

"whoooooaaaaaaaaaaaa look at me fookin eyes! the wife of your youth! your graceful doe! your lovely hind.. food will invigorate you always..the hot brehfus snausage will look over you while you sleep. and in the morning the eggs and bacon will share your concerns"
- fatribz 6/9/2007 6:20:23 pm
Al5/30/2009 12:35:19 am
fatribz5/30/2009 7:11:55 am
goodness, lm!

and damnn, ether.. i just read my notes on the bible that inspired half of that while cleaning my room now.. its been foreverss!