latest concept art on cassette - by fatribz
latest concept art on cassette
- by fatribz - 6/1/2009 - 7:19:57 pm Time: 47 mins 42 secs
v1- by fatribz - 6/1/2009 7:19:57 pm
Time: 47 mins 42 secs
fatribz6/1/2009 7:20:17 pm
use a dolly, its a doozy
yanbu6/1/2009 8:40:48 pm
rockin! also links are working now for the comments, if you post a link it will be clickable. this won't fix all the previous ones, but any that you post from here out will be link'd!
yanbu6/1/2009 8:45:20 pm
hi ribz, thanks
allman vibe6/1/2009 8:50:37 pm
.......and im all outof gum
mrae6/2/2009 9:55:29 am
fabulous draw, love the green smile!
yanbu, that link also is fabulous, the brain and all its glory makes me tingle
yanbu6/2/2009 1:59:22 pm
ribz posted that link just below this draw, i just reposted - i love it too
fatribz6/2/2009 2:47:03 pm
i just reposted it from reddit.com, i love it too, y'all. thanks for the thanks and praise!
fatribz6/2/2009 2:47:22 pm
allman vibe6/3/2009 6:56:20 am