Untitled - by allman vibe
- by allman vibe - 6/20/2009 - 1:04:11 pm Time: 33 mins 14 secs
v1- by allman vibe - 6/20/2009 1:04:11 pm
Time: 33 mins 14 secs
Al6/20/2009 1:10:34 pm
Nice drawing of Michael J.
fatribz6/20/2009 2:04:51 pm
you teasin' the pilgrims again?
TehNewbstress6/20/2009 2:08:34 pm
Hehe, I couldn't stop looking at Michael in that commercial.. I couldn't take him seriously while watching him either, I just giggled.. I'm a bad person aren't I?
espcomix6/20/2009 2:51:31 pm
superb draw
TehNewbstress6/20/2009 5:20:27 pm
Also, the textures in your drawings are absolutely fantastic. I admit it, I am in love with all of your drawings here.
allman vibe6/21/2009 8:33:21 am
gee thanks