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FailedSquare7/15/2009 8:16:28 pm
fatribz7/16/2009 4:56:13 am
i'm stealing this for DA GAME. Sue me later!
yanbu7/17/2009 5:24:07 am
yanbu7/17/2009 5:24:32 am
i'm sorry, i can wait. i don't want to but i can, i will
fatribz7/18/2009 6:48:41 am
Thanks for the support, Yanbu!

I put an extra push on things recently. Getting a lot of the draws you guys did in the game moving about. Lots aren't animated but that means I give them some silly looking two frame action in MSPaint. I'm on a computer programming all day at work so coming home and doing more isn't always appealing when its nice and Summery out :

Things are progressing though. I've got a pong game for an arcade cabinet in a bar, for exmaple. Hah!

Slayertopia is gonna be fun non stop romp SmashTV type action.

There will be buttons to do things like yell 'HEY TAXI'.

There are bugs with layers showing up bad..like stuff in on top of things it shouldn't be.. but I don't even care anymore. this game is just gonna be silly fun, nothing polished by any means. Please don't attack me over glitches of this nature, World. Commandos.

yanbu7/18/2009 8:58:03 am
yweah! fatribz that is awesome. i'm your number one fan, except i think some people would like to battle me for that spot. about the pong in the bar, is that really happening? i'd love to see pics if so, sometime. i had two game cabinets a few years back, i actually had smashTv, but it had some issues, and i ended up selling it. i still throw around the idea of getting a sitdown cocktail table and putting a 8 million in one jamma board in there for some two player action, but no time no time. can't wait to see your game