Untitled - by trent
- by trent - 11/16/2004 - 10:49:04 pm
v1- by trent - 11/16/2004 10:49:04 pm
trent11/16/2004 10:49:25 pm
Stupid fucking program only alows one undo
chooch11/16/2004 11:28:24 pm
you always have pencil and paper...
shit-4-brains11/17/2004 5:14:08 am
the one undo sure makes you examine every step
trent11/17/2004 10:20:09 am
ya i accidently clicked this button once, and when i tried putting it back to white all it did was fill in one tiny pixel
kix11/17/2004 2:46:41 pm
spundit11/17/2004 11:06:14 pm
trent, you are a whiny little bastard
trent11/18/2004 1:13:34 am
you cunt
trent11/18/2004 1:16:09 am
you stupid cunt it aint my fault theres only one undo
mf11/18/2004 3:18:18 pm
:) i like how several minutes later he decided to elaborate.
trent11/18/2004 5:56:13 pm
i was gonna again but im too angry id hurt my computer
Musashi11/19/2004 10:27:46 am
How about creativity: for example, mask the black color, and then draw over the entire picture using a fat white brush: instant undo of the hatching.
trent11/19/2004 11:23:14 am
i could have done that but the picture would have been just easier to redraw and i was just messing around in the first place...
rarra11/21/2004 3:57:13 pm
BRENDON SMALL. narrannana!
trent11/21/2004 7:41:27 pm
yup, i love that show
justin11/23/2004 6:24:32 pm
trent11/23/2004 8:11:26 pm
ill see if i can draw coach magurk smoking a fat blunt next time lol