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- by Al - 8/15/2009 - 5:59:55 pm Time: 29 mins 39 secs
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Time: 29 mins 39 secs
allman vibe8/15/2009 7:57:03 pm
creepy! in a good way
Al8/15/2009 8:15:33 pm
They just got out of work.
ethermonkey8/15/2009 11:37:25 pm
oh flucking yes!
a gift from al to end my night!!!!
fatribz8/16/2009 12:13:33 pm
this is a happy occasion. say, are they sheet metal workers? i took an interest to "their union"'s logo recently is why i ax
Al8/16/2009 8:13:19 pm
I have no clue where they work. They never speak to me.
unicornonthecob8/27/2009 6:35:14 pm
Oooh I like these creatures I like the colors!They remind me of a shirt I saw once