keypad drawing test - by yanbu, fatribz
keypad drawing test
- by yanbu, fatribz - 9/9/2009 - 5:01:12 pm Time: 9 mins 6 secs
collaborative drawing open to everybody
v1 - by yanbu - 9/9/2009 5:01:12 pm
Time: 5 mins 22 secs
yanbu9/9/2009 5:02:37 pm
this really opens up a new world of limits! thanks idwtwwr - SHIFT+ALT+NUMLOCK
fatribz9/10/2009 9:50:21 am
hello from Poland! This is great news! but i cant find a num pad here! ♫, richard
Shunt9/11/2009 10:01:25 pm
Weird, since I've tried that I can't type numbers no more and my keyboard has changed from AZERTY to QUERTY
idwtwwr9/12/2009 2:55:02 am
hmm shunt the numpadmouse won't work at all?
to restore the azerty keyboard go to

start-->settings-->system control--> regional and language options (little globe&clock icon)

and change the keyboard language to french (belgium)
as far as the numbers are concerned try hitting numlock once more.
you speak dutch right???
Shunt9/12/2009 3:50:48 am
I speak dutch indeed. Something strange is going on, I see a mouse icon in the task bar, next to the clock, I can't see where this comes from (msconfig and all that...)
idwtwwr9/12/2009 4:53:54 am
same here..thats the actual keyboardmouse. double click it and de- or activate it.
does it work?
Shunt9/13/2009 12:39:36 am
I managed to fix it how you said, thanks idwtwwr!
v2 - by fatribz - 9/14/2009 6:16:44 am
Time: 3 mins 44 secs