It's the Test; It's the Best, ds! - by fatribz
It's the Test; It's the Best, ds!
- by fatribz - 11/9/2009 - 3:31:08 pm Time: 1 min 20 secs
v1- by fatribz - 11/9/2009 3:31:08 pm
Time: 1 min 20 secs
fatribz11/9/2009 3:31:46 pm
vastly more awesome! i did find something for autohotkey after all, but i can only get the notes to work, not any sliders :
ds11/9/2009 8:39:08 pm
great! i'm glad its working for you. thats strange about the ahk thing, it probably gets the midi info from the same place as i... i sent it to yanbu also, hope i used the right address.
idwtwwr11/10/2009 1:50:05 am
i want to try that so badly..i need a simple fadeonly midi controller.
the best i found so far. cheap and no fancy stuff.

anyone knows some better more simple controller? 3-4 faders?

fatribz11/10/2009 5:05:24 am
i will try more things out, there is source for that and autohotkey so i hope to learn that way. i also got python's pywin32 library to do some of my mouse moves, is nice.

idw, i did hear about a modualr midi controller, where you can plug in whatever sorta things you need, but i unfortunately dont know what to search for.. maybe "modular midi controller" and keep looking that way!
idwtwwr11/10/2009 8:51:46 am
modular thing is cool but expensive indeed.
the gap on the m-audio x-session might be a little annoying, but the only suitably usb controller i've seen so far with 4 faders. thanks for the links.
i think i go with an used korg on ebay and some day build my own midi controller from scratch.
can't wait to test along..
ds11/10/2009 9:56:18 am
pywin will work well I think. I tried it out a bit as well. It'd be very conducive to exploring cannibal-like effects since the Python Imaging Library can import nearly any graphic format.

I have no idea why small control only things are so hard to find. I only found the nanoKontrol as well. I know doepfer used to make a 16 slider box but it was $$$.
yanbu11/13/2009 9:41:05 am
hey ds thanks for sending me the app, i plan on playing with it tonight and tomorrow, and then post the app to the tools section (if that's cool with you) hurray!
ds11/13/2009 5:15:23 pm
sure thing yanbu! let me know how it works out for ya and feel free (anyone!) to make suggestions for features / send me patches or whatever.