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- by kix - 2/1/2010 - 2:54:40 pm Time: 12 mins 9 secs
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Time: 12 mins 9 secs
kix2/1/2010 2:56:36 pm
hey all.
i just finished playing mass effect.
at the end of the game, in the credits there was someone called richard vogel!

yanbu were you involved on doing that game?
yanbu2/1/2010 4:22:33 pm
kix how awesome to see you! that was not me, it is yet another richard vogel. there are a lot of me out there it seems. how are you doing, what's happening?
ethermonkey2/2/2010 6:52:03 am
ALPHABET! Seven more and we can spell Spencer!!!
ethermonkey2/2/2010 7:02:17 am
Al2/3/2010 11:52:53 am
Yes, I got Richard Vogel into Zeppelin IV... true story.
kix2/4/2010 12:08:26 pm
hey rich :)
everythings fine so far!
i still visit 10e every couple of days, but most of the time i'm just too lazy. its more like coming by and looking what the "gang" is doing.

In a Far away place, in a time unknown i WILL finish that damn alphabet!!!... maybe

...btw, the drawing tool seems awesome, i'll take a look at it.

greets everyone again

I just googled, we got 76 men called richard vogel in germany...
fatribz2/4/2010 2:44:00 pm
hey mang