Untitled - by unknown
- by unknown - 3/9/2004 - 9:01:49 pm
v1- by unknown - 3/9/2004 9:01:49 pm
phew!3/9/2004 9:02:14 pm
Fella just wanted his ball back, is all.
crelb3/10/2004 9:21:36 pm
that's so damn cute
hey3/11/2004 2:37:44 pm
we should start a new comic about the monster and his ball!
writch3/12/2004 5:51:32 am
i've been thinking of having two drawring boards of this same program - one for free for all and the other story based (so when you'd click on draw you'd have two options) no? yes?
weell3/12/2004 5:56:48 am
sounds like a good idea but no one has been drawing period. What, are they too busy eating their tuna fish sandwiches?