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- by Beurkeek - 6/4/2010 - 12:45:17 am Time: 35 mins 39 secs
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Time: 35 mins 39 secs
Beurkeek6/4/2010 12:47:43 am
Fellow student sleeping in 3d-class... right now!
mrae6/4/2010 8:13:20 am
fatribz6/4/2010 2:22:15 pm
3D CLASS!~!!
yanbu6/4/2010 10:30:25 pm
nice capture
fatribz6/6/2010 1:35:28 pm
what is your 3D class? I just picked up a book on OpenGL and am learning
Beurkeek6/7/2010 12:32:12 am
Basically it's a workshop where we learn how to create 3D-models and animations with Autodesk Maya, which is quite interesting if you just understand what the docent is talking about.

Unfortunately we don't, and that's why the sleeping beauty and I decided not to participate anymore, but to watch tutorials at home instead, and hope that we'll be able to start a decent project at the end of this term.
gerold blankface6/9/2010 1:39:56 pm
Newsflash: wow!~ this rocks!