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Time: 10 mins 32 secs
fatribz7/17/2010 2:29:27 am
espcomix. have you ever tried your hand at animation? that dude you drew with the bazooka is high quality, I wonder if you have the time and desire to have some frame of animation, like him shooting his weapon? i think it would be a shame to see that guy get the bs animation treatment.

did you haav any history with video gameses or computer ones?

i am playing quest for glory 4 now. i spent my childhood playing 1-3 and for some reason I never played on wards so I am living it up thanks to the guys at http://www.abandonia.com/
espcomix7/21/2010 4:01:46 pm
i like to try out a little animation
here is some of my animated stuff.


i like video games thanks for the link
fatribz7/23/2010 2:38:45 pm
wow you've got the animation skills. Max will be on top of a building shooting down at you in da game.
espcomix7/24/2010 9:08:18 pm