10E - The Best Of(f)! - by Shunt
10E - The Best Of(f)!
- by Shunt - 3/29/2011 - 8:47:21 am Time: 13 mins 6 secs
v1- by Shunt - 3/29/2011 8:47:21 am
Time: 13 mins 6 secs
Shunt3/29/2011 8:55:08 am
Wouldn't it be great of the 10E-drawrers who are also creating some tunes from time to time, could have their creations compiled on a virtual cd (zip package), which could be downloaderized including the printable artwork (a 10E drawring of course) and tracklist...

I would be interested anyway!
Shunt3/29/2011 9:07:28 am
...And wouldn't it be great if I could type a text without typo's?
fatribz4/2/2011 5:04:47 pm
that would be fun. i want to hear seeka on accordion!(:
.also: LSDudes' member, lm, /< (wherever he is), tthunderdan's son's band!
myself and who else we got? ?
Shunt4/3/2011 7:28:23 am
Ermmmm... Me! I've got a few works which I'd like to share anyway.

By the way, FatRibz, I have downloaded the tunes of yours which I found and put them on a cd to play in my car!
There's a song amongst them called "The Shuffle Monster" or "Shuffle" but when I search for that on the net I get a weird folk band as a result. It's the song ending with the words "I can't believe you played for 15 hours! That was insane!!"

So now I'm not sure it's actually one of your creations but it makes me laugh everytime I play it!
fatribz4/5/2011 4:23:26 am
haha.. that's from 'sifl and olly'.. you tube 'em!
i am happy to hear you are enjoying the music, friend!!

the snippet of a song is called shuffle because i was testing some flash code with the chicago bears super bowl shuffle song and decided to plug my own music on muh site instead, but didn't want to change the code. so shuffle.mp3 it is! thats the fat ribbers behind the music special

Shunt4/5/2011 8:33:42 am
Oh, thanks for the info! Blame Winamp though, I used the "get info" function and then the filename got changed into something concerning The Shuffle Monster.

One of my next tunes will be called "Action Figure Fetishist" (and I don't even know why!)
fatribz4/8/2011 4:04:45 am
man, I get the weirdest album art from mp3 players from songs sometimes.. maybe all the sampling that gets done or something.

that is a great song title, i cant wait to hear it.. post your songs!
fatribz4/14/2011 7:27:39 am
"that's sick"!! noice one. i didn't even know you were doing this stuff all along..shesh!