Scenes from my dreams - by Shunt
Scenes from my dreams
- by Shunt - 9/24/2011 - 4:35:42 am Time: 1 hr 15 mins 50 secs
v1- by Shunt - 9/24/2011 4:35:42 am
Time: 1 hr 15 mins 50 secs
Shunt9/24/2011 4:38:37 am
FatRibs, your drawing made me think of something I "saw" a few weeks ago. I can't exactly recall if these colours are right... I saw a sort of road on the edge of a mountain. Two people were standing at the edge, they had to cross this road. The road was made of large, egg-shaped rocks, larger than the people standing there. They only could cross the road by jumping on the rocks and NOT FALL OFF!
fatribz9/24/2011 4:57:29 pm
i always love when I get to revist places i've been to in dreams and continue my exploration. maybe the story here will untold over time and you can share with us the true nature of the egg shaped rocks and the road they form.
Shunt9/25/2011 3:16:44 am
It might refer to my job situation. I work in a factory for almost 21 years. Things have happened, things have changed, I don't like my job anymore and I have been looking for another job for 5 years already. Now I have the chance to work at the Martens brewery which is just right across the street! So this scene might state that it's hard to cross the road (because it's difficult to leave something behind where I have been half of my life) and it also might mean that I'm not supposed to go back, just cross this road and move on... Just change my job and move on, in life
Shunt9/25/2011 3:22:41 am
http://www.10eastern.com/Gallery/gallery.php?did=25278&pageNum=26 : view from my front door... I have to decide tomorrow, will I go work there or not? Would be convenient: walk only 260 metres to the entrance at the back of the building, not having to take the car to work
fatribz9/25/2011 8:16:51 am
what is that? a brewery??
fatribz9/25/2011 8:42:21 am
Shunt9/25/2011 10:04:47 am
Yes it's the Martens Brewery. This is what I see when I look to the left from my front door: http://www.10eastern.com/Gallery/gallery.php?did=6282&pageNum=35
yanbu9/28/2011 6:26:44 pm
Shunt9/29/2011 3:45:10 am
got a call yesterday... It's not gonna happen, things have been cancelled. Dammit, how cool would it have been to work within a two minute walk from my front door
bupobm10/1/2011 10:51:47 am
dang... well great draw! really like this