European Recipies: Rösti - by Shunt
European Recipies: Rösti
- by Shunt - 10/3/2011 - 3:09:25 am Time: 4 mins 24 secs
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Time: 4 mins 24 secs
Shunt10/3/2011 3:20:45 am
Rösti (pronounced as rusty with a French R) is an original Swiss food, more exactly from the German speaking part of Switzerland, and originally meant as a breakfast meal.

To make Rösti you need 250 grams of potato per person. Peel the potatos and grate them into small parts. Dry the bunch with a kitchen towel, put everything in a bowl. Cut an onion into small parts and add this to the potatos. Add an egg and a bit of flower and mix it until it becomes dough-like.
Heat up a pan with a bit of corn oil and put the dough into it. Let it heat up for a few minutes, from time to time you'll have to check if a crust has formed on the bottom. Slide it over into a dish to flip it over and put it back in the pan to heat up the other side.

After a while you'll have some sort of cake. It's delicious!